Guide to Using Nourish Superfood Hair Oil

Nourish Superfood Hair oil has been formulated with oils and superfood extracts proven to have beneficial effects on growing hair and solving common issues like split ends, dandruff, balding, thinning edges and many others. The different methods I incorporate into my hair routine are:

  • Applying hair oil topically
  • Deep conditioning treatments
  • Hot Oil treatments

Applying Topically

For hair textures that are coarser or on the kinkier side, the scalp and strands tend to have the appearance and feel of being dry compared to other finer textures. This is why it is alright to incorporate oils in regular styling. You can use the oil as often as you want to aid manageability. It can also be used as the last step during styling to lock in moisture. It is also beneficial to gently massage on problems areas like bald spots. I personally apply the oil on my edges especially with noticeable balding. This is generally due to me having braids for a longer than necessary period of time. I hope I have leant my lesson in keeping braids no longer than a month and a half.

Hair oil dropper topically
Applying Nourish hair oil on scalp topically after wash routine

Use in Deep Conditioning Treatments

This method is beneficial for all types of hair textures. It helps with breakage, moisture and therefore length retention. I’ve recently started using the superfood oil blend in my deep conditioning treatments. I mix the hair oil in with Ayurvedic powders and either conditioner or avocados. Then, I apply it to my strands and let the bathroom steam up to allow the amazing nutrients penetrate my low porosity hair. If you are boujier than me, then you can always purchase a hair diffuser or steamer. I’ve noticed that my hair sheds a lot less since I started incorporating this step in my hair regimen.

Use in Hot Oil Treatments

Nourish Superfood hair oil can also be used on all hair types for hot oil treatments. It is simply adding some of the hair oil to a bowl that can be put in the microwave. It can also be heated up using the double boiler method. This is where you bring water to a boil in a pan or pot and then put the bowl containing oil on top of the water in the pan. You can then apply the warmed up oil (you can add vegetable glycerin also) to your hair.

Hot oil treatments are beneficial to low porosity hair (products sit on strands and doesn’t penetrate) as well as other types. I mostly do this as pre-poo(before shampoo). You can share any other methods you know of so I can incorporate in my routine as well.

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